DOTA 2 Battle Pass 2019 release date LIVE with big International news

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  UPDATE ONE: The DOTA 2 Battle Pass for the 2019 International is now available to purchase and includes new content and gear for fans to enjoy.

  While The International doesn't kick off until August 20, fans can snap up the Battle Pass today at whatever they fancy.

  The price for a Standard Battle Pass stays at $9.99, while 25% of all Battle Pass sales go directly to The International prize pool.

  Here's more information from Valve, who confirmed in a new statement: "Raise your Battle Level by embarking upon the Jungle Expedition, facing the upcoming Wrath of the Mo’rokai custom game, and completing other challenges and Achievements to unlock increasing amounts of mythic rewards. You can even use Wagering Tokens to score extra Battle Points from your weekly games to help you on your way. With reward line items like the custom ‘Overgrown Empire’ terrain, evolving courier, ‘Majesty of the Colossus’ Tiny Prestige Item, ‘Planetfall’ Earthshaker Arcana, weaponless ‘Axe Unleashed’ item set, and so much more, the yearly call to adventure begins now."


  ORIGINAL: The DOTA 2 Battle Pass for The International is expected to go live in the coming days and Valve just revealed a big teaser.

  The official DOTA 2 account on Twitter has confirmed that an announcement for the game is being primed for today, May 7.

  No other information has been shared on what will be revealed; however, it seems likely that it will be in connection with the new 2019 Battle Pass and its release date.